Portrait Info

Portrait Procedure

Commissioning a portrait painting is a significant undertaking. A portrait will last for generations, years after the family photos have long since faded. Regardless of the degree of complexity of the painting you commission, Andy always strives to create an heirloom quality portrait of the highest standards. 

Since a portrait painting is a collaboration between patron and artist, the first step is to establish a dialogue and determine the scope of the painting you desire. Andy will do his very best to accommodate both your vision and your budget. When you commission Andy to paint your portrait you are dealing directly with the artist. There are no intermediaries and this ensures your communication is direct and there will be no misinterpretation or misrepresentation. Please contact Andy directly to discuss the portrait you envision.

Upon determination of general direction, Andy then holds one and possibly two photographic sessions of about two hours. The artist then selects three to five photographs to be used as references and discusses them with the client. With the client's approval, the artist proceeds with the portrait at his studio. 

A painter, unlike a photographer, has infinite opportunities to edit what he’s observed, whether working from life or from a photo, playing things up or down in order to create something that goes far beyond the surface. Using reference photos as a starting point, Andy may alter them significantly in order to achieve a final composition that best conveys the sense of the sitter.

An approximate date of completion is given - usually two to three months after the portrait is started.

Pencil sketches and roughs that are completed as part of the preliminary work for a portrait can be purchased for additional fees. Travel expenses, framing costs, shipping fees and any state or city sales tax, where applicable, are additional.


Portrait Fees

Please contact Andy to discuss the price options.